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Add a Partner Contact Person

In the Partner Contact Person section, Partners will identify  which staff in their offices will receive (or read) messages regarding a specific case – similar to the recipients of the emails you send now when you want to notify a Partner about  a support case. This should be the FIRST thing every Partner does before using  this module. This is how you will determine which staff person receives incoming messages for each participant. 


Thus, if you are the person in your office responsible for support for all participants SENT by your office to other countries, your settings would be like those in the example below.  You will see your incoming “messages” in the “My Support Cases” tab.  Any program manager in your office who has been given “Allow access to support cases of others” as shown in #1 above, will also be able to see these messages in the “All Support Cases” tab.  If you need your manager to review a message you have received, you can ask them to look at the message without having to “forward” the message to your manager.


In the “Assigned Contact Person” tab, managers will have the ability to assign staff certain messages based on Service Type (Sending/Hosting/All), Program and Specific Partner IOC.  The Main Organization tab allows large Partners such as BRA, ITA, JPN and USA to assign staff also based on regional or chapter affiliation.  (For most Partners, this tab should be left at “all”.)



Managers with the access rights just discussed will  see the button NEW; by selecting this link, you will be able to define the name of the staff person and then define what messages this person should receive based on the various factors indicated above.