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How to search pending actions

When you select Support Module on the left menu you will be seeing the notification screen.

The actions shown here are only created by you (?) in status of “In-progress” and “Draft” or assigned to you by others or defined to be notified, according to the box above.


You can select View Unread messages only to keep track of what you haven’t read already or uncheck this and all actions that fill the above box will show up.

Please notice that when looking at Actions created by others, the bold text and the closed envelope showing in yellow indicates those Actions that have not been clicked to see detail.  This is the same meaning of “UnRead” mail message.


Once the user goes into Action detail and select REFRESH, the bold text will be changed to normal text to indicate it was read, as the image above.


When actions are being set to COMPLETE, they will be removed from the notification screen


By selecting the tabs DRAFT, In-PROGRESS and Assigned, you will see the actions that match the tabs.