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How to add a support action related to a support case

For every support case, you may add a support action, (this replaces the e-mails you formally sent to your Partners, for example) but also includes your notes about phone calls, etc. that you made in order to resolve the case.

When you click NEW in the Support Action, you will see the following fields:

In Action Type the default action is “Message” which is the action replacing the e-mails you formally sent.  Other options are listed below:

Message –as noted above, this action replaces the emails you sent and is shared with your Partner.

Email – This feature allows you to e-mail a message outside this module to a party such as a natural family or host family or Travel Guard (for medical cases).

Phone call – you may make notes about phone calls

Letter – You may attach a letter sent or received.

Fax – you may attach a fax sent or received.

Person Contact – you may make notes about a personal contact.

Group Activity – you may make notes about a participant in a group activity (for example: “Johann was not very engaged in the orientation – in talking with him, we learned his natma is very sick – we will follow-up with the Sending Partner.”


In Visibility you may set the visibility to Staff only or staff and volunteers.  If a volunteer has access to the module, s/he will be able to see the support action.

The meaning of Status is:

  • Draft – The action will not be shared with any others. You are drafting it and it is visible to you only.  Do not leave messages in this mode for more than 24 hours.
  • In-progress – The action is in-progress
  • Assigned – The action is assigned to other person than creator, once this is checked you need to define who you assigned this action, in the” follow-up By” section,
  • Complete – The action is complete

Actions which are not in “Draft” mode will be visible to your Partner unless you choose otherwise.   

The Support Action with different Status will be shown in Notification screen with different condition. The detail will be described in Notification scenario, section 8.

In the Content Box, you enter the information you want to share, if you have selected the Action Type of Message, then this will be the “body” of the email.

A sample of completed  action is below:

Once you save the action, you may select BACK to go to support case screen of that participant.

If you want to send an email to families or volunteers who don’t have access to Global Link, select the link SEND EMAIL on the right part of the screen.  This email will be shown as part of the actions of that support case.

If you select “Print Report”, the details of this support action will be printed.

The Reply Action link is what you will click to respond to an action (message) from your Partner. So if you receive a message from a Partner, select this link to reply to this action.

If your Support Action is an EMAIL, by defining email in the Action Type, a button called EMAIL COMPOSER will show up and you can send the email to the person you want. Note that the box Use Default Template is checked which will the show the standard content that copied the general information of the case. You may uncheck that button or edit the content of the body of the email as you wish.