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How to access the Support Summary and Print it

In the Support Summary link on the right screen of a support case, you can see all support cases and related actions of this participant.  If you select the tab Host Contact Person Information, you can see all send and host contact information of the participant.

In the Print Report link on the right side of the screen, you can print all detailed information about all  support cases, related documents and actions related to the participant.  Please Note:   The information you are printing is stored electronically and is sensitive.  Please do not print and create paper files regarding participant support issues.  If you review this information on a paper copy, please do so and then shred the paper copy when your review is complete.  In the event of a legal issue, your paper files could be subpoenaed by the courts. 


At any time, you can also select the Pax Name and the Service Ref number fields in green to navigate to the person or service case detail screen.