Support Module

The Support Module of AFS Global has been developed to deal with all support cases of AFS Participants.  Staff may begin using the Support Module now, for NH11 participants it will be the mandatory communication platform for the AFS network when working with support cases.  AFS staff will not correspond via e-mail regarding support cases for NH11 programs and forward. This tutorial is designed to help you understand how the module works.

Before going into the details we need to explain some terminologies:

Support Case – is the case itself and the title of it must be self-explanatory about the situation.  A Case can be open or closed and shared with the Partners or not.

Support Type and Sub Type – are fields related to the Support Case and together with the title field are mandatory fields. They help categorize the nature of the support case.

Support Action – Attach to each support case, there are support actions that represent what you have done – this is where you will communicate with your colleagues in other offices. (Your work here will replace your use of e-mails – you will write and send messages as “support actions” within the module.) Here you can also record your phone calls, emails received outside the module, (such as those sent from a host family) and group activities.  As noted previously, all messages/updates for your

Partner will be shared here and from now on will replace the emails exchanged with Partners.  You can use the module to send emails as well to parties who do not have access to the module such as natural & host families, participants, etc.  These e-mails will be recorded within the support module and will allow AFS to keep one complete record of all actions taken in a support case.

Notification – This is where you can see all actions created by you that are in progress or draft or shared with you by your Partners.  This works similar to the messages of Facebook, or the Inbox of your email and should be where Support Staff manage the messages from Partners. This is the first screen you see when you click in Support Module.

Partner Contact Person – This section allows every Partner to define which Support Staff will “receive” messages about each  partipants – hosted or sent. For example, if you are responsible for all support cases related to hosting students, you should be in Partner Contact Person, add for service case-Hosting only.  You can define by multiple fields.  This must be done before you begin using the support module.  A specific training module for Program Managers explains this in more detail. 


In this guide you will find instructions on:


1)     How to set access rights

2)     How to Add Partner Contact Person

3)     How to add or search Support Cases

4)     How to notify when someone needs to receive updates for a support case or upload document linked to a support case

5)     How to access Support Summary information and Print it

6)     How to add a support action related to a support case

7)     How to link a Contact Log or Monthly Contact to a support case

8)     How to search pending actions created or assigned by me

9)     How to reply to messages transferred to me

10)  How to search support case and actions