Saving Your Reports

One of the key benefits of Report Builder is the ability to not only save reports to a local computer, but also to the web for viewing in AFS Global. This section of the site will talk you through how to save reports both ways, as well as how to view them in the Reports tab of AFS Global.

Saving to a local computer

To save a report to your local computer or a server, once you have your report in Report Builder click on the red circular icon in the top left of Report Builder and then click on 'Save As'.

Once the file manager box has appeared, simply select the location on your computer you would like to save the report to, name the report and click 'Save'

Saving to the Web

To save a report to the web so that it can be viewed in AFS Global, like above click on the red circular icon in the top left of Report Builder and then click on 'Save As'.

However, when the file manager opens you will notice that it defaults to a server address in the Look in box. Click on the 'Partners' folder to open it.

Once this folder has opened you should see one with your IOC Code (I'm signed in as Mexico at the moment). Open it as well to save your report.

Save your report into this folder.

Note: It is possible to create a folder structure within your countries folder (see below). To learn how to do this do this please see the next page in the menu on exlporing the web interface.

To view the report that you just saved, sign into AFS Global and navigate to the 'Reports' tab in the top menu. Once it has opened scroll down passed the canned reports to the Partner Specific Reports section. Under your IOC Code you should find the report you just saved (see below).

Note: You need appropriate access rights to be able to see the Reports section of AFS Global

Click on this report to open it.