Exploring the Web Interface

One of the key benefits to the Report Builder suit is the ability to store reports online in AFS Global. This means that anyone can potentially have access and from anywhere, without the need for complicated software.

This page will walk you though this web interface and covers:
  • The AFS Reports opening page
  • Running reports through the web
  • Editing the folder structure
  • How to edit canned Reports
The front page

In AFS Global there is now a new Reports option in the top menu bar (if you cannot see this option it will need to be added to your access rights). This is the common home for reports which have been created in Report Builder and which you may wish all staff to have easy access to.

The page is split into two section. At the top you will see a Canned Reports section which contains many general network reports which partners can use directly or take and alter to fulfil local needs. Below this is a section for partner specific reports and here partners can share individual reports which they want all staff (and potentially volunteers) to have easy access to.

Running reports through the web

To run reports through this web interface, in the opening page double click on a report that you wish to open. You will then be taken into the report viewing screen, although you may also be asked for a username and password. If this happens use the following details:

Username: IOC code
Password: Your partner ODBC password (Crystal Reports password)

Once this page has opened your report will automatically run unless it contains open filters which require definition.

From here you can:

  • Scroll up and down and through the pages of your report
  • Export the information to many different file types including .pdf, Excel, Word, a .tiff image and many more
  • You can refresh the report
You can also open the report in Report Builder to edit it but this will be covered in the last section of this page.

Editing the folder structure

Within this web interface is a folder structure which can be manipulated and this allows you to organise your reports in the web interface.

To create/edit this folder structure, when viewing a report click on your IOC Code in the top menu (see below). This will take you to your own partner folder where reports which are published will be stored.

Using the options in the menu at the top of the page you can now:

  • Create a new folder
  • Upload reports (you can save straight to here so uploading them is not a core option)
  • Open Report Builder
  • Move reports between the folder (use the 'show details' option to do this)

How to edit canned Reports