Using Dot Net Nuke

Each Partner has a Dot Net Nuke page created by MBSA, if you don't know which are yours please contact Fabricia Manoel or Nick Cooper.

This content management system allows your partner to create content for your Participant Portal, such as text messages, embedded calendars, videos and Facebook and twitters streams, etc.

How to create a page

In the Control Pannel, Page functions, select ADD. Basic information to be filled in in this form: Page name, Page title, parent page (only if this new page will be seeing under the menu of other page). In Permission, select ALL USERS to view. Then in advanced settings, you has to pick the last option in Parent Skin, this would give you the layout needed to insert this page in Participant Portal.

Once Page is created you can edit the text of the page, just by selecting the Edit Text. If you want to eliminate the yellow bar of your page, so when you link this page in the portal, there is no yellow bar, select Settings and UNCHECK Display Container. You will still see it here, but not in the portal.

When you click in the EDIT TEXT, the following view will show up. Rich text editor allows you to write as a regular text editor, basic text box has the HTML code, and should be used only when you are adding an embedded element to your page.

How to embedded calendar or video

In order to do that you need to have the embedded code of your calendar or video.

If it's an YOU Tube video, select the video you want, then below it there is a option called EMBEDDED. Select it and you will see a code, copy eveything and then paste into the Basic Text Box. Once the code is there, you can switch to Rich Text Editor and add a text before it or align your video.

If it's a google calendar, you need to publish the calendar first. Go to settings of the calendar, share this calendar and select make this calendar public. Then in calendar details select the code in the below section.

To insert the codes in Dotnetnuk, select the page, then edit text and in Basic Text Box, insert the full code copied.

Once your page is ready, just copy the URL code of the page and insert it in the URL field of the page you created in Resource Section of your application.