Key Strengths

The Participant Portal is full of new features and useful tweaks which make it an improvement over the existing Online Application system. Here are a few of these improvements:

New Application Design

The applications in the Participant Portal have be recreated with a more intuitive layout and improved process, to help participants get through it in an efficient way. The applications still contains all of the same pages and fields and it is only the layout and process which have been altered.

New User Interface

The IT Team has worked hard to improve the usability of the wider portal. Some of these improvements including creating a color coded legend system to signify the status of application pages, a simple intuitive banner which holds the different sections and a checklist area

Share Content

One of the key benefits of the Participant Portal is the ability to share information of all types with Participants. This information can also be shared based in Service Case stage so partners can tailor when a prospective participant gains access to it.

Partners can share any content they like including:
  • Text
  • Images
  • Downloadable documents
  • Videos
Social Media and Social Networking

The IT Team sees the rise in social media and social networking tools as a core area for AFS. These tools are being picked up more and more by participants for communication and directing large amounts of traffic increases their usefulness.

Any of these tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and online galleries make it possible to embed content streams and useful features into your own website, and this is no different in the Participant Portal. The sizes, colors and content can be tailored for all of the widgets and here are some examples:


Facebook allows users to create many different types of widgets to embed. Here we have a Facebook Fan Box which allows a user to follow the Facebook page at the click of a button, it displays the content stream from the page and it also pulls a small sample of the existing followers.

Interactive Photo-streams:

This is an embedded interactive Flickr stream, but the same can be done with many other online galleries