Setting up the Sections

The Participant Portal is made up of different content sections which can be tailored. This page explains how to setup your application instructions and Contact and Help sections of the site. For information on how to add content to the Resource section please see the following page on using Dot Net Nuke.

To activate the Resources, Contact Us and Help sections of the Participant Portal, navigate to the application in Global Link using the instructions on the Implementation page above, check the appropriate boxes and click save.

The Instructions Page:

To tailor the instructions page of your application navigate to the "Local Settings" section of AFS Global. Once there, click "Application Forms" in the "Participant Portal" box and select the application you would like to tailor the instructions for.

Once the application has opened, click on the "Instructions" page and in the box that appears write your instructions to Participants.  You can also change fonts and colours, add images and many other common formatting techniques.

Once done, click "Save" at the bottom of the page and your instructions will be added to the application and be made visible in the portal automatically.

Contact Information:

To add contact information to your application, while looking at the application in the Local Settings select click on the "Edit Information Page" button.

Once the following page has opened, select "Contact Us" in the drop down menu at the top

Once you have selected Contact Us, type in the contact details and click "Save"

Help Information:

The Help section is one of the main benefits of the Participant Portal. To tailor content page for the Help section, in the Local Settings find the application you want to add help information for and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you should find the "Resources" section.

To create a new help page, click on the "New Form" button.

Once the following page has opened, click on the "Section Name" drop down menu and select "Help" from the list. At the point the page should refresh and you will see a text box appear.

To create a new page now fill in the following information:

  1. Add a form name (this is the link name that will appear)
  2. Select when you would this help information to appear (PreApp, FullApp or both)
  3. Write your help information

Once you have done this, click "Save".