There are two steps to implementing the Participant Portal. The first, activating the application sections, is very quick and easy to do, and at this point you will have a fully working application which Participants can use. The second is activating and tailoring the content sections which are also available such as the Resource, Help and Contact Us tabs.

The following pages of this site will walk you through these steps.

Activating your Participant Portal:

To activate the Participant Portal, navigate to AFS Global ( and sign in with your username and password. Once you have signed in navigate to Global Link and click on the "Local Settings” option towards the bottom of the left hand menu.

Once the page has opened, click on “Participant Applications(s)” in the “Online Application” box.

Scroll through the list of active applications that you have and click on the title of the one you want to activate the Participant Portal for. Once this page has opened select "Enable" on the "New Participant Portal (1.2)" menu to activate the basic portal and application, and then select the additional sections you would like to add (Resources, Contact Us and Help) in the menu below and click "Save".

The new participant portal is now active and this means that all participants will be directed towards the new version automatically with no need to change any links.
Subpages (1): Setting up the Sections