Adding Social Media

One of the really interesting possibilities with the Participant Portal is the ability to embed dynamic social media and social networking content and share it with Participants. This promotes the centralization of communication on tools such as Facebook and Twitter, and in term builds the community and allows AFS to (in a limited way) control and direct communication.

Here are examples of how to embed an Interactive image and video board using a Flickr, Picasa, Facebook or Youtube account, as well as adding Facebook and Twitter streams to the Portal.

Image Boards

There are a few ways to do this, however to add an image board you first need some photo's online in either Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.

Once you have this content, navigate to the Cooliris website and use Cooliris Express to create you embedded image board:

To create your image board do the following using the options provided:
  1. Select the source of your content
  2. Tailor the appearance of the content
  3. Grab the code

Once you click on the "Destination" tab, highlight the default code it gives you and copy it:

Now go to Dot Net Nuke and create a new page.

In a text module click on "Basic text editor" and paste the code you copied.

Lastly add the page you created in Dot Net Nuke to your portal through AFS Global and your done.

Tailoring the image board

When you paste the code into the text box it is possible to make some basic changes to the dimensions of the content quite easily. Simply look for where it says "width =" and "hight =" and change the numbers to suit you.

Warning! Do not make content more than 640 wide to avoid having a horizontal scroll bar

You can also add other modules around this in Dot Net Nuke to add introductory text and images, change the alignment to center it, etc.

Facebook Fan Box

Just like the image board above, all you need to do it copy the code, paste it into Dot Net Nuke and then tailor the dimensions and add any text or images around it.

To create your Facebook widget, navigate to This page is full of different widgets and you can use most of them in one way or another (not the "Developers" widgets). However, this example uses a Facebook Fan Box as a very useful and fully functional example.

Select the Fan Box widget and tailor the design of it by selecting the group or fan page you wish to embed, selecting the content and clicking on "Other" in section 2:

Now copy the code and just like in the image board above, paste it into a text box.

Finally tailor the dimension in the code you copied and and align the module.

Once done you should have something like this:


For Twitter the steps are identical except you you need to go to to design your widget: