Online Inquiry 2.0

Enabling and disabling the new Online Inquiry 2.0 form

All of the steps below are described on the test version of AFS Global. This will allow you to practice the steps needed to setup the new form without effecting the production version of the system. 

You can make direct edit on AFS Global website directly to avoid having to repeat the process.

Once you feel confident with these steps please repeat them identically on the production system to actually apply the new Inquiry form.

  1. Login to the test version of AFS Global ( with your username and password

  2. Once the site has opened, navigate to the Program Module section and click on the "Partner" heading which is located half way down the left hand yellow menu bar.

    Once this page has opened, search for your IOC Code:

  3. Now open your Partner page by clicking on your IOC Code and once it has opened, click "Enable" next to the Online Inquiry 2.0 option:

Setting the Mandatory and Visibility Fields

  1. Navigate to the Global Link module in Afs Global and click on "Local Settings" which is located towards the bottom of the left hand menu in AFS Global

  2. Once this page has opened click on the "Lead (Inquiry)" option 

Scroll to the bottom of the page which opens and you will see a list of field names with check boxes next to them. Here you can select which fields will be mandatory in the form. Check the option you want to be mandatory and click the save button at the bottom of the page

Edit Label Translation to your local Language

  1. Navigate to the Global Link, Local Settings and Label Translation.  Edit necessary label translation to your local language.  Repeat the process if you have more than one language in your country.

Viewing the Inquiry Form

  1. In a different web browser, navigate to the test version of AFS Global ( and once this page has opened, select your country and language and click "Next".

  2. Once you have click the next key you should be lead straight into the inquiry form, which will look like the one below:

Using below screen capture as reference on changing a URL from Click & Type website.