4. Customize Email Notification

Email Notification Setting

Go to Global Link > E-mail Notification > E-mails From Online Application

  • E-mails notification template will automatically generate when you created a new participant portal on Global Link search on the E-mail template name(same name of your application).

  • Select the AFS Online Application Program name that you want to work with.  All messages are from the default template in English language version.


For other E-mail template e.g. “Email Verification”, “ParticipantApplication - Your UserID is created” or etc., you can find in “E-mails From Local Processes”.

Features in E-mail notification:

  • “Automated e-mail” if you mark as enable this email will automatically send out.

  • Parameter Information is user guide for using the parameter in your e-mail.

  • Preferred Template :

    • Use system default (English version of system)

    • Use default language (your local language)

    • Use multiple language (for your define in own message)

If your language default was not created, click “New” and edit message in native language.