3. Translate to your language

Setting OA 1.3 for Native Language

Default language is English, if you want your application display in native language there are some steps to do.

1. Select your language in Sign Up page

  • Go to Global Link > Local Settings > Partner Language

  • If did not have a native language defined, follow the following steps:

    • Click on “New” and select your language and mark status as “Enable then “Save””.

2. Setting “Page Translation”


  • Global Link > Local Settings > Page Translation


  • Select the page name that you want to change to the native language.



3. Define native values in “How did you hear about AFS?”


  • Global Link > Local Settings > Lookup and Extra



  • Follow the following steps:

    • Go to the lookup field name (How did Inquirer hear about AFS?) that you want to define the native values.

    • Then at the right menu will appear English Choice Value and click on Select of choice value that you want define in native name.

    • Then click on “New” and input the native value.

4. Setting “Labels Translation”


  • Global Link > Local Settings > Label Translation

    • Select Program name “Participant 1.3”

    • Search the field name that you want translate in your native by click edit and input native value.