2. Create New App Form

Setting OA 1.3

You can create your a new Program on Online Application by go to left Navigation menu in Global Link module > “Local Settings” > “Participant Application” and click on ”New Program”.

Create a New Program

Program template in Participant Portal 1.3 has three default templates which are:

- Default 1.3

- School Program 1.3

- Community Service Program 1.3


** For each template, there are already pre-defined standard forms, however, you can add new forms as needed in your program.

How to Create a New Program

- Program Name: Input English name and native name, if  your program has defined to display in native language, program native name will be displayed.

Description: Input description for more explanation / details in this program.

OnlineApp Contact Email:  Input email address of person who takes care for this program.

Program Status:  If the status is Disabled, this OA will disappear in Participant Portal and Global Link.

Allow participant or host family to apply online: If mark as “Yes” this program will show when participant login to their portal.  This means, if mark as “No” this will not show when  participant login to their portal.

Portal (1.2) Menu Enable: If mark the menu “Resource”, “Contact Us”, and “Help” - all these information will appear on participant’s application.

Full App only: If “Yes”, in Service Detail Page will show only Request for Full App button.  But the default in this page will show 2 buttons: Request for Pre-App button and Request for Full App button.

This means, if select “No” here, in the Service Detail Page will show as default.

** Note: If you are using Full App only, you can select Full App only = ‘Yes’.  However, if you have Pre-App stage, you may choose ‘No’ here.  This only refers to this Online Application program - so you may have one program to contain also include Pre-App while all other goes as Full-App.

** Note:  After created a new program, the email notification template and standard request form will automatically generate, you can use as a default template or you can define the email and forms needed.  To change email template, refer to this document


Defining request forms in your “Program”

Form type has: “Instruction”, “Mandatory”, “Optional” and “Additional”

Instruction form: This form is a user guide and allow you to upload manual document.

Mandatory form: This form is a default request form in a program.

Optional form: This form is an option request information that allow participant to input information.

Additional form: This form is to provide user guide and form request and upload back from participant.


Adding New Form in Your Program

New Additional Form

Sequence number: Use for ordering your form on the left navigation menu in participant application.

Form Name: Can input in either English language or native language.

Visibility: Who can see this - “Anyone”, “Staff Only”, “Staff&Applicant”, “Staff&Volunteer” and “None”

From Type: Have 2 types: “Additional” and “Instruction”

PreApp / FullApp : Display this form only in PreApp and/or FullApp section.  

Transfer to partner: Use to flag whether this form will be transferred to partner as well

Description: Write a user guide for this form.

After save the form you will able upload your request form.

Define Dropdown


In the new OA there are several sections you have to add new value of Dropdown in “Program Preference”