October 6th, 2010

Changes to Activity Access Rights

Please be informed that the activity item can now only be assign by staff/volunteer who have Activity’s access right only. This change will affect the activity page, activity section in person, and activity section in volunteer service.

New Visual Design for AFS Global - IMPORTANT: The release of this new design has been postponed until phase two has been completed so that all design changes can be implemented in one go

Recently the IT team has been working hard with the marketing Team at AFS International to create a new theme for the site which matches the the Marketing Team's new core brand design for the network. We have now completed phase one of this development and it will most probably be released onto the production version (pending approval from the Marketing Team) this month.

This new theme does not alter the design of AFS Global at all, and every menu, option and button still works the same way. Instead it is simply a re-branding of the site designed to bring it in line with the new look which all AFS sites and materials will be implementing over the coming year.

As eluded to above, these new changes are split into multiple phases and these are:

  • Phase one which includes the general re-themeing of the site with a new banner, side navigation and fonts (complete)

  • Phase two which consists of more detailed changes including the integration of the three AFS Global panes into one distinct site and a move from the existing floating width site (the site resizes itself as you make the web browser bigger and smaller) to a fixed width layout. It will also cover the redesign of the module welcome pages as well.