November 4th 2009

Network Updates

New Features:

1. At the request of many of the partners, AFSIP IT Team will be releasing the Translation Module 2.0, which allow the translation of labels, pages and e-mails per module.

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Changes and Bug Fixes:

1. We have removed the “Generate Password & Send Email to Volunteer” button which is found when editing a volunteers affiliation. AFSIP IT Team suggests that password generation button in the “Login Account” tab of a persons profile.


We suggest that users use the the one in the "Login Account" tab:

2. We have split the Google Apps settings from the Login Account tab of a person record, to Google App tab in AFS Global. This is to reduce the time it takes to open the page because calls currently have to be made back to Google's servers.

Partner Specific Changes:

AFS Italy Extension:

1. We have added two new fields to the online application’s placement form in section 3 of the application.

2. We have hidden the “Native Address” field in personal form (section 6) of the online application.