November 16th 2011

The IT Team would like to take this opportunity to update you all on some interesting up and coming changes and fixes to AFS Global and its related IT systems. These features will be release two weeks from today, on Wednesday the 16th of November.

The Support Module

Over the last few months a lot of work has been put into improving the way the Support Module handles cases. This month sees four key updates to the Support Module, which are:

        - A Revised Search Page -- This page includes search filters and display columns to provide more intuitive and well-structured information 
        - We have set the default value of the follow up needed flag to 'YES' any time a support action is opened
        - We have set the default value of the FOLLOW UP DONE option to equal 'YES' any time a reply is completed on the support action (even if drafted) 
        - We have set the default value of Visible to Partner to 'NO' when an import email is created as an action, but partner can change this value. 
AFS Directory
        - We have revised the design of the Offices and Groups sections of the site. The code which runs the page has been rewritten from scratch to solve the issue of slow response time which some users experience. Also, in these sections of the site the search function will now look into all the key fields automatically. 

        - We have added a 'Crisis Teams' page with its own export feature to the Miscellaneous tab. This has been added with the "Export to Excel" function which will be of benefit to users who are trying to access Directory information while offline. 

Program Module
        - We have added a new field called 'AFS Contact' under the Partner page. This will tell who is the AFS IT contact of that Partner.

Database Migration

As part of the IT Team's work to reduce the AFS network's reliance on Lotus Notes, the IT Team is also pleased to announce the migration of four Notes databases to AFS Global. These databases will be located under the 'Resources' tab in the top right corner of AFS Global and include:

  1. Standards, Policies and Procedures
  2. The warehouse
  3. Risk Management
  4. Background Papers and Reports
All information contained inside these databases has been moved and the in most cases the original structure of the database has been maintained, allowing for easier access to the information you are looking for.