March 3rd 2010

The IT Team is to write over the information on the test version of AFS Global with fresh, up to date information from the production system on March the 4th. The IT Team usually performs this task once a month on the first Thursday. However we have postponed this for the last two months in order to allow partners to run slightly longer tests of the some new features which have recently been released.

If you have spent time tailoring content or settings in the test version of AFS Global that you wish to keep, it's important that you apply those changes now to the production system.

If you get stuck or have any questions about this, please email Nick Cooper at

The updates for this month are:

At the request of some partners we have added quite a few new fields to the Activities: Detail page in Global link. These include “Status”, “Arrival time”, “Arrival by”, “Dietary restrictions” and “Share accommodation with”.

We have added a batch process feature to the Organization section:

In the Placement Detail section of a sending service case we have added an attachment section for hosting partners. This allows you to add attachments to a Participants Placement:

In the Email Notification section of Global Link we have split the ‘giveback’ email for sending and hosting partners. This means that the OA giveback emails now have two separate email templates, with one based on the pre-app and one based on the full-app.

Ongoing smaller updates for March:

Small Change Request

We have split the ‘last update’ marker at the bottom of a Service Case to "Last updated by Officer" and "Last Updated by Owner".

We have create a new scheduler  for the transfer of uploaded images and video in the World Cafe to the Amazon S3 space we have.

Email Notification 1.1 changes

The UT Team will soon release a host of new features and improvements to the Email Notification system in AFS Global. Below is a brief overview of the new features

It is now possible to individually configure the sender and recipient in emails from AFS Global.

There is a new email description field for each email.

We have added a new “Preferred email” field which is configurable per email based on the “Allowed template” field

We have split emails into four groups. These are:

  • Emails from/to other partners
  • Emails from Online Application
  • Emails from Local Processes
  • Other Templates

E-mails From/To Other Partners

  • From, Cc, Bcc are all configurable from the senders side
  • To, Cc, Bcc are all configurable for the receivers side 
  • E-mails can not be disabled
  • E-mail template are not customizable, except partner specific e-mails (eg, AFS USA e-mail)

E-mails From Online Application

  • From, To, Cc, Bcc are configurable per email and program
  • E-mail template are customizable per email type and program
  • E-mails can be disabled.

E-mails From Local Processes

  • From, To, Cc, Bcc fields are configurable per e-mail
  • E-mail template are individually customizable
  • E-mails can be disabled.