January 1st 2010

Due to the restrictions of public and staff holidays towards the end of December and early January, AFSIP IT Team has decided to bring the release data for January forward by a few days. Instead of Wednesday January the 6th, the features highlighted below will be promoted the Friday before which is the 1st of January.

The updates for this month are:

In the “login” page of a person record will have split the “Generate random password & send email” button into two separate buttons which now read “Generate random user ID & password” and secondly “Send existing user ID & password via email”. For more information click here to see a test script.

When creating a new user, if a staff member inputs and user ID but leaves the password field blank and clicks “Save”, the system will offer a random password to a user. A pop-up prompt will also be displayed to the staff member asking if this is his or her intension. Please see the image below.

For the Online Application:

Staff can now add comments to the cover page of a participants On-line Application. More details will be added about this in the next couple of days.

Added to the three new features above, there are two new features for Google Apps integration in AFS Global.

Please note that these two features are already available on the production system as one fixes a seurity flaw and the other was requested urgently by a partner.

In the “Administration” section of Global Link it has been possible for a while to create mailing lists, however we have now added the ability for staff to add people who do not have records in GL. To use this feature, in GL click on “Administration”, then “Group Management”. Now either create a new group or edit an existing one. In the page which comes up you can click “Add Member” and at the bottom of the page which opens you can click a button titled “Add Non-GL Person”.

We have also added a new access right which gives users access to the “Google Apps Administration” tab in a person record (see below). This should be given to Google Apps administrators only and allows staff to activate or deactivate Google Apps accounts for users as well as set mail forwarding and add an Alias.

Quick fixes for this month are:

For security reasons, the system now hides passwords from the outgoing emails in the contact log. The clear text is now replaced with star marks (********). However, please note that this change only applies to newly generated items and all existing emails will remain the same.

This fix is already on the production system.