December 2nd 2009

Network Updates.

There are only a couple of updates for the network this month and they are as follows:

1. The “Google Apps” option in the main top menu of AFS Global has now been out to the far right of the menu bar (see below)

Added to this, we have also changed the design of the “Resources” tab in preparation for a few new tools which will be coming out in the coming months.

2. We have promoted some new access rights for the "Report" tab in AFS Global (see below)

This access right can be found at the bottom of the list in the users Affiliation and if activated, it allows the user to see a new Reoprt tab in the main menu. This tab contains a list of more than 70 premade reports for use with Microsoft Reporting tools (Report Builder), which the network is now moving across to. The tab also contains partner created reports which have been published.

3. AFSIP IT Team has also created a new Data Model and promoted it to the production system. For those of you currently using MRS tools for report writing the details are:

 - Report Server URL:
 - Report Manager URL:
 - User account will be the same as ODBC user account.

For those of you who aren't aware of the 'Data Model' system and would like to know more, please contact a member of the IT Team for an explanation.

4. World Cafe to AFS Global Buffer

This 'buffer' creates a connection between the World Cafe and Global Link. It automatically takes content from new registrations in the World Cafe and passing them to Global Link where they stored in a holding area or 'buffer' titled "World Cafe Lead" which is in the "Incoming Info From Customers" section. This works almost identically to  the way new enquiries are processed, with them being held in a buffer area until accepted into the system by staff (see below).

All new records being being accepted into the system also go through a duplicate check and this system allows users to merge more up-to-date contact details into an existing users records, as well as using a create a new person.

Clicking on the "World Cafe Lead" tab takes users into a search screen where they can find newly registered user:

Opening a users record takes you into the screen below: