December 1st, 2010

Dear partners,

Here are the list of changes that will be put on the live system on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010:
- The system will no longer translate web page to partner native language when viewing HostedPax application.

and here are the list of small fixes and changes that we have been putting on live system lately (***these small fixes and changes needs to be put on live system before the next monthly release schedule***):
- SSN field added to person detail page.
- The printable version in OA now support RTF document.
- Fixed bug that home phone field value in family member page not save.
- Fixed user defined e-mail template loading issue in compose e-mail page.
- Fixed bug in merge person page that may cause the merged person to lost user account.
- Fixed bug that new SH program cannot be created from program information page.
- In Organization search page, new options to count/not count number of member / contact / service added. The default is "not count". (counting these number take a lot of resource so we default to not count)
- For Online Application, staff can now upload blank form up to 5MB per file. (OA configuration page only)