December 14th 2011

The IT Team would like to take this opportunity to update you all on some interesting up and coming changes and fixes to AFS Global and its related IT systems. These features will be release two weeks from today, on Wednesday the 14th of December. 

Online Inquiry 1.2

We have changed the form concept from static form to be customisable form as many partners have asked for. The key changes are listed below

  • Partner can be able to choose which field will be mandatory field.
  • Partner can be able to choose which field will be displayed on screen.
  • Partner can be able to choose which question and question type will be display on screen. 

Usability Enhancement

  • The header of the person detail page has been redesigned to hold core information, as well as a larger profile image
  • An online gallery has been added which allows Partner staff to view images from the online application through the Person:Detail page
  • Profile images have also been added to the search screens, as well as a pop out larger image viewer as well
  • The IT Team has also added Google Maps integration into the person detail page. This allows users to view the geographical location of people in the system and also integrates into the Apps environment for Google Apps users who want to make use of this information in more complex ways. NOTE: No personal information is shared with Google about any user in the system when using this feature. Google has no access to the person's name or any other personal information. AFS Global simply cross references an anonymous partial address with the Google Maps database and marks the location on the map. 

 Bug Fix

  • Security Issue - Not allow volunteer access person detail through the application membership page