Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Dear Partners,

For the upcoming monthly release on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011, the following changes will be put on the live system.  Please familiarize yourself with these changes by trying them on the test site and please do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions.


IT Team

Upcoming Changes

(1) Consolidating menu items on the left-hand side -- starting with "Travel Module" section

Due to the increasing number of menu items and sub-items on the left-hand side, the menu list is now longer than the page size and the users have to scroll down to access the menu items at the bottom which cause some inconvenience.  We will start consolidating the menu items on the left-hand side by moving their sub-items into the start-page of their main items and showing them as tabs.  All the features and access right controls will remain the same.  Menu items and sub-items will be shown or hidden according to the users' access rights.

For first step, we will start with "Travel Module" section (and later on we will apply this menu consolidation to other applicable sections too).  Here is how the existing menu items look like:

and here is how the new menu items will look like (you can see this in the test site):

(2) Accessing basic user account management feature directly in AFS Directory (formerly available only in Global Link) 

AFS Directory has been launched earlier this year and has become the main database which each partner maintain the information of their staff and key volunteers up-to-date.  We are providing the basic user account management feature as part of AFS Directory so that the "system administrator" of each partner can perform basic user account management directly here.  However, the system administrators still have to perform access right and affiliation assignments within Global Link itself.  

  • Google Apps section below can be used to create e-mail accounts for staff and volunteers
  • IT Service Portal section below can be used to assign access right to staff who can create IT service requests and submit to IT team.  "User" can create and update their own IT service requests.  "Administrator" can create, update and delete IT service requests of others too (but within their own IOC codes only). 

(3) Combine "Activities/Performance/Recognition" and "Awards" into one tab because they are supposed to be in the same context:

***Note: The following "E-mail Address Verification" feature which is added into the account sign-up process is postponed to go live on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 to provide more time for partners to be familiar with this change.***

(4) When a participant or host family signs up for a new user account through the sign-up form, the system will ask for his/her e-mail address which will then be used as the login name.  The e-mail address verification process below is required before the system allows this user account to login to our system:

  • When the sign-up form is submitted, the system will send a verification code to the e-mail address that the user specified in the form:

  • The user is required to click the link in the e-mail that he/she receives from our system to activate his or her registered user account. If the user doesn't complete this e-mail verification step, our system will not allow this user account to login.