Monthly Release Note - September 1, 2010

Dear partners,

Here are the list of changes that will be put on the live system on Wednesday, September 1, 2010:
(Before the live date we can test these features on test site)
- New feature in OA 1.2 setting: Now we have 2 choices for every Resource page, URL or Text. Please see detail in attachment.
and here are the list of small fixes and changes that we have been putting on live system lately (***these small fixes and changes needs to be put on live system before the next monthly release schedule***):
  • New UI for OA setting: To help OA configuration more easy for OA 1.2, we have improve UI in OA setting page to be similar when the OA display to applicant. This means the setting will be separated into 4 tabs "Application", "Resources", "Contact Us" and "Help" like the top menu in OA 1.2. There are no new features but the changing of User Interface. Please see the attachment below for more detail. This feature will be upload to production on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.
  • Host Family no longer be able to view monthly contact input by contact person if not have access right to access monthly contact created by other person.
  • The "default" e-mail template for the following templates of "all OA programs for all partners":

    1. "Ask for PreApp" and
    2. "Ask for FullApp"

    change from:

    Dear {CustomerName},

    Congratulations, you were seleted to participate in an AFS Program.

    Please fill in the remaining forms........


    Dear {CustomerName},

    Thank you for your interest in our AFS Program.

    Please fill in the remaining forms........
  • Staff who have "Assign/Revoke Affiliations" access right now be able to view/edit/delete Member/Volunteer/Staff affiliation regardless to access for "Person" (eg. Staff who have only "Read" access for "Person" but have "Assign/Revoke Affiliations" for "Volunteer Affiliations" can now view/edit/remove person's volunteer affiliation but not for other affiliation type) 
  • In Participant Portal 1.2, Cover form, if Cover form's photo already exists but checklist status still equal be 'Incomplete', the system will now automatically change status to 'Saved' if applicant open this page again.
  • In Participant Portal 1.2, Submit Application button no longer disable. Previously, if at least one mandatory form's action status still equal to 'Incomplete', this button will be disabled.
  • New "Host Country Activity Waiver" access right added, this access right required for access 'Host Country Activity Waiver' menu in Global Link > Miscellaneous.
Pusit P.,
Sep 6, 2010, 8:13 PM
Pusit P.,
Aug 25, 2010, 9:22 PM