Monthly Release Note -- July 7, 2010

Dear partners,

Here are the list of changes that will be put on the live system on Wednesday, July 7, 2010:
- Remove "Change Stage to Participation" button from sending service detail page. Stage moves automatically from Preparation to Participation once travel date assigned to the participant is reached. Travel Information is mandatory in the system, so please make sure all your participants have travel plan assigned in Global Link. In case you have any doubt about how to use Travel System, please contact Fabricia Manoel (
- Add PDF form of activity waiver only with Host Partners activities list automatically filled in, so parents and students can fill in manually their information. This is available in the activity waiver in Program Module, Host Country Activity Waiver section, same place where host Partners input their host activities. This way, you can save the activity forms of your Host Partners and then send a  batch email to participants based on the destination country instead of sending the form per participant.

and here are the list of small fixes and changes that we have been putting on live system lately (***these small fixes and changes needs to be put on live system before the next monthly release schedule***):
- Add "Save As New Service" button in host family service detail page to let partner save current host family as new service case.
- New feature for assign host family to hosted pax from hosting service detail page > "Placement Info" button > "Assign Participant" button.
- Fixed bug about access right for assign affiliation to person.
- Several bugs fixed and improvements in Participant Portal 1.2

We would also like to call your attention for some very important changes implemented in mid June.

    1. Travel
    1.a) Hosting Partner has now the ability to edit sending international travel and once they do that and email is sent to Send Partner informing about the change. This was necessary because many Sending Partners either forgot to input sending international travel in GL, which is mandatory, or forgot to confirm travel information with airlines before the flight and information has changed but GL was not updated. This change was requested by Core International Travel Team but we do request Send Partner to be extremely carefully with information inputted in the system as it is used by Host Partner to communicate to participants.
    1.b) It's now possible to notify sending participant directly in GL using travel notification feature used by USA. This means participants can receive their letter with travel information through GL and this got recorded. In order to use that, Partners need to customize the available email templates for that available in Email Notification, Emails from Local Processed, called: GL travel Departure AFS, Gl Travel Departuere Schedule Change, GL Travel Return and Gl Travel Return - Schedule Change (a button edit email tempalte was also created in travel notification screen, as image shows below). Once those are selected, user will be require to create new email template and this will display USA template, which need to be translated. Once emails are ready, just go to TRAVEL NOTIFICATION menu under Travel, select your participants, choose which template to use and send the email, Emails would be displayed so you can confirm information there before it's sent.

    2. Activity Waiver - As informed before with the endorsement and input of the Program Policy Working Group (PPWG), there has being an improvement in the processing of Activity Waivers, as announced in InBox.
    2.a) To add host activity list:
In Program Module, under Hosting Fact Sheet, there is a menu called Host Country Activity Waiver . There you should review the information added for your country. We are currently updating these forms with the information you have sent us - if your form is missing, please stand by it will be added very soon. This list will appear in the Host Country Activity Waiver which your Sending Partners will print out..
    2.b) To generate the PDF form for your participants:
In Global Link, under Miscellaneous, you will select Host Country Activity Waiver. Search the participant you want, select him/her and hit in the button below the list called Print Report. This will generate the PDF you need to send to your participant. If you select multiple participants, the PDF generated will contain all of them. As noted, this is a short-term solution so you can use this feature for NH10 programs. Once PDF is saved for the participant you can send the email to him/her and attach the PDF in the contact log.
    2.c) Record in Global Link information about Activity Waiver
Once you sent to participant the form, you can record this in Service Case Detail Screen, after generating the PDF, you can click in the Service Ref Number and go straight to the place where you need to record this information. Fields added there are: Activity Waiver Sent Y/N and Date, Activity Waiver Received Y/N and Date, Forbidden Activities Date and Forbidden Activities. If parents don't agree with all host activities, they will be communicating to send Partners. Once this is done, Send Partner must record the date communication was sent and add all forbidden activities in the appropriate field.

    3) Activity/Orientation/Training
    3.a) It is now possible to send email to person linked to an activity/orientation/training. Just below the section "Assigned Person" there is a button called "Send Email to all members".
    3.b) Dietary and Medical restrictions inputted in the Online Application now flows directly to the new field called Restrictions, so it's possible to read this information directly in the activity module.

Best Regards,

IT Team
AFS Intercultural Programs