Monthly Release Notes

Due to the comments and suggestions from partners and the IT strategy group, the IT team has been working to improve the change management and deployment procedures of the existing IT tools on the live systems such as the Program Module, Finance Module, Global Link, Online Applications, etc. by the following procedures:

  • Accumulate and put the changes (i.e. new features, enhancements and adjustments to the existing IT tools) on the  test server first.
  • Distribute a release note to partners explaining the details of those change.
  • Allow partners to familiarize themselves with those changes on the test server for a reasonable period of time.
  • Put those changes to the live systems on the date announced in the release notes.
These procedures will help partners be more aware and prepare themselves for the changes, especially for the ones that might change the way they use to work in their daily operations.  Furthermore, these procedures will also increase the stability of the existing live systems.

IT team executes these procedures on a monthly basis.  The changes will be put on the test server and a monthly release note will be distributed approximately by the third Wednesday of the month.  These changes will be promoted from the test server to the live systems on the first Wednesday of the following month.  (Note: We choose Wednesday because we could have Monday and Tuesday to prepare the actual deployment and have Thursday and Friday as contingency to handle any unexpected situations that might be caused by the changes.)

The following links will bring you to the Monthly Release Notes.  The details of the changes that will be deploy on live system on these dates will be listed and explained accordingly: