Assign moderators and adding images

The information below on adding images is now out of date. It will be updated soon, but in the mean time please contact Nick Cooper in the AFSIP ICT Team for up to date information

Assigning Moderators

By default users can create posts in the In Box, however they cannot moderate existing posts. In order to expand this access a user with general system administration access must assign the user as a moderator. To do this, navigate to the person's record in the AFS Directory ( Once you have opened the user's record, click on the third tab in the from the left, which is titled "Login Account (for admin only)".

In this page an administrator can assign the user's role in many of the tools used in AFS. On the page, scroll down to the AFS Inbox Announcements section and check the option titled "Moderate announcement message in AFS Inbox". Then click save.

This person should now be able to moderate other users messages in the In Box.

Adding Images

Due to some web browsers default security settings, at the moment it is difficult for the IT Team to create a feature which allows users to upload images directly into an In Box posting. A feature which allows users to do this will be added to the In Box in the coming months. However, at the moment there are two work arounds for this.

1. Copying imagines into In Box postings

NOTE: This option only work for users using Mozilla Firefox. If you are not using Firefox please see option two below.

Find the file for the image you want to add to your post. Right click on it and select the copy option. On a Mac this is called Copy followed by the file name and on a PC this options is titled 'Copy File'.

Now navigate back to the In Box posting you are writing and paste the image into the box by clicking the paste option in the menu or pressing Control + V on your keyboard (Command + V on a Mac).

2. Uploading images and copying the link locations

Another way to add images to In Box postings is to post them online using a Content Management System (CMS), such as Dot Net Nuke, Joomla or Google Sites.

For this example I will use the screenshot below which is in Google Sites. To add an image here and copy it into an In Box posting, sign into the site, open the page you are looking for and click on the pencil button at the top of the page to edit it. Once the editor has opened, click 'Insert' in the top left corner and then 'Image' in the menu which opens:

Now click the 'Choose File' button, locate the file on your computer and click 'OK' to upload the image to the website:

Once the image has appeared in the site you can use the formatting options at the bottom of the image to edit the size, indentation and other attributes of the image.

Now that the image is in the page, save it and then right click on the image. In the menu which appears click on "Copy Image URL":

Now navigate to the In Box and create a new In Box posting. In the rich text editor click on the inset image button and copy the URL into the text box:


Click OK and the image will be added to your In Box image:

For information on how to complete these same steps in Dot Net Nuke sites, please take a look at the document below:
Nick Cooper,
Jun 14, 2012, 6:50 AM