In Box Announcements

With many Partners in the network migrating to Google Apps, the IT Team is in the process of migrating the databases which use to reside inside Lotus Notes. This is being done so that they can be accessed by all Partner regardless of the email system they choose to use. Some of these databases, such as:
  • Risk Management
  • Standards, Policies and Procedures
  • The Warehouse
  • HRD Development
have been migrated already and content owners are in the process or updating and consolidating the information contained within them. However, in addition to these there is the In Box. This is a core database for all AFS Partners as it contains lots of important and relevant information and is one of the main ways Partners share news with the rest of the network.

This section of the IT site will walk you through an introduction to the site, along with some useful things to know, such as:
  1. Who has access
  2. How to post articles
  3. How to assign moderators
  4. How to add images to your posts
Click through the links under the 'In Box Announcements' heading in the left hand menu to view this information on the In Box