AFS Directory –
General Usage Guideline


Version 1.0

April 2011

AFS Directory

System Goal: AFS Directory becomes a central repository for storing AFS Staffs and Key Volunteers contact information in case of emergency or day-to-day operation.

Who can access this site: Available to all users who already has access to AFS Global.
Access URL: or
Alternately, you may access AFS Directory through AFS Directory Link inside AFS Global

Once you are in, default screen is currently set to Offices, where you can have information for your or other offices


People and Creating New Person


These two images show that you can search for different persons, based on their

  • AFS Role (International Chair, Trustee, or Board Member, Chair or Staffs, or Former roles of the above, or None for others)

  • User Role (whether they are partner IT Admin, or Editors or General Users).

To create a new staff, click at Create New Person.

Fill in basic information to search in the existing database

Fill in necessary basic information for that user. Missing fields are highlighted by Red.
Click Save when done.
Once you populate your new staff with Group Membership, they will add automatically into the AFS Role section.

When you click at Save, you can now proceed to the second tab where it will show group membership of that person. If the person is supposed to be a group member of these four system defined group (all partners must consist of these groups), please click Add.

This image show that this person is now belonged group name Staff .



Groups and Creating and Modifying Existing Groups


Under Groups, you may want to Create new Group. Make sure that the type is Local Partner. This Local Partner groups that are at your office level.

Group Name can be virtually any names you want, in English alphabets. However, the email address will be combined from IOC Code and the Group Name to ensure that group are not duplicated between each countries.

There is a field called  Group Owner  which will advise who created and maintain the group list.  this is used when you want to track the group membership.

To add Group Members, click at Add Group Member.


Search for persons names to add to group. If you need to add more than one person, you may select multiple persons and click OK.

In this example, you will notice that both persons are member of SendingTeam group that we just created.

How to updating office information and update emergency procedures.

Click to “Office” then choose Country office to update

Click Office name to update
Update office information and emergency procedures then click “Save”



Listing confidential home phones

Click to “Misc” then select view to “Confidential Home Phones Listing

 It shows all Country Confidential Home Phones List, If you want specific country please select form “Organization”



How to Export Data to Excel

Click “Export to Excel”
*This Feature Available only
Group ,Office and Misc


It shows to save Export file
Result From Excel file


Searching for People

Click “People” then input name or E-mail address and select specify data to search then click “Search”


It shows Person search result.

Searching for Group
Click “Group” then input group name and select specify data to search then click “Search”
It shows Group to search



Add and remove from Favorites

When you move your mouse pointer at any person profile, you will have an option to
  1. Send email (open default mail client and send email),

  2. Add to Favorites and

  3. Remove from group

When you add a person to Favorites, that person will appear in the Favorites tab

To remove a person from Favorites, simply click at Remove Favorite and this will be removed from your list.
This will allow you to only look for frequent contacts instead of everyone in the world.

User Role

In AFS Directory, there are three levels of access rights.


Access Level


Can add new users, edit other users information as well as and delete and remove other users. This is partner IT Administrator access level.


This allow edition of information for self as well as others.


This is read-only role for general staffs.

Please add or grant access rights to other staffs so that there are backup persons.