The Persons section of the site contains all of the individual staff records sorted alphabetically by their office.

In the opening screen of the Persons section users can:

  1. Use the search criteria at the top of the page to find a user

  2. Scroll though overviews person records

  3. See the details of a person by clicking on their name to open the full record

  4. Create new people

  5. Add new person into Group

  6. Activate Google Apps Account.

How do I create a new Person?

To create a new person navigate to the Person section of the site in the top menu. Once there click on the button titled '+Create New Person'

At this point a pop-up dialogue box will appear. Type in the Persons name and click 'Next'. 

The system will now push you though a duplicate check which is identical to the one in AFS Global. This is to make sure that more than one record is not created for each person.

If the user you are trying to add already has a record, highlight it using the radio button on the left and click 'Select Existing Person'. Otherwise click the button titled 'Create New Persons'.

Now you should be presented with a blank record. Fill it in and click save to save your changes.

You can add a profile image to the record by clicking on the space where the photo should go.

Click Save to finish saving person record.

Switch to Group Membership tab and enter person role in your office.  You may want to add to  'Staff'  group.  Click Save when done.

Switch to Login Account tab to create Single Sign On login account for this person.  This account will be used to access various resources within the AFS network.  In this case, we will activate Google Apps account.  Click on Check Availability to make sure that the login name is available to use.  Generally, we recommend to use  firstname.lastname  format.  

Click Save to save the login ID and password.  Then, click Activate to activate Google Apps account.

This Google Apps account is then accessible for use.  

To access AFS Google Apps account, points your web browser URL to  Single Sign On system will redirect to the login screen as shown above.  Enter the username and password as created earlier.

You may want to read through the End User Agreement as required by Google.  This is controlled and required by Google.  You can change the language here by click on the Top right as well.

Enter the authentication captcha code as shown/requested by Google.  

Your Google Apps account is ready to use.

Note: Please be reminded that you have just created login ID to access Google Apps.  If you need to add authorization to access AFS Global, you will have to do so in Affiliation part of AFS Global.  Below is error messages which indicates that you do not have necessary Affiliation or Access Rights to access AFS Global.