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Using the AFS Directory

This section of the site is split into multiple areas, with one covering each main section of the site. However there is some general site information which is explained below.

Signing in:

The site can be found at http://directory.afs.org/ and it is incorporated under the SSO umbrella. This means that you can sign in with your usual AFS Global username and password

Your Profile:

Once signed into the AFS Directory you can quickly navigate to to you personal profile by clicking on your name at the top of the page.

Once your profile has opened feel free to update the information in it and add a profile picture.

Once you have completed this, click the 'Save' button and the bottom right had corner.

How do I Administrate Records:

In order to administrate records other than your own in the AFS Directory you must be set as an administrator. This can be done by a member of staff in the office who has appropriate access rights or through a request to the IT team.

To set someone as an administrator, in the Directory naviagte to their personal record and in the 'User Role' field select 'Administrator'.