4. Activate Google Apps for use Google App mail account

If you need the person to have an @afs.org email address from Google App you should Activate Google Apps

*Before the activation Google Apps accounts must have their login user ID first.

4.1 Go to the person record of the person who needs a Google Apps emails account in AFS Directory and in the Login Account tab click on Activate on the topic Google Apps

4.2 The system will now create a Google Apps account and show the Google App Account activate successfully page

4.3 Then try to access Google App mail by go to http://gmail.afs.org and input Username and password *Username and password you can see in Login Account in AFS Global person record

4.4 If show Google App privacy policy screen then input the text that you see in the picture below and click I accept Continue to my account

4.5 Then it show your Google App screen now you can use Google mail

Note: It may take up to 10-15 minutes for email address to fully operational.  This is due to the fact that AFS utilize multiple servers around the world to provide redundancy.