2. Add to necessary groups (IOC.staff or IOC.board)

2. Add to necessary groups (IOC.staff  or IOC.board) :
2.1 If you need to add the person to an email group such as IOC.Staff or IOC.board (if the person serves as board member) then go to their person record and click on Group Membership 

2.2 On the Group Membership screen click Add to add the person to the group. The groups page will show all of your local groups (from the screen choose Staff)

2.3 Once the person has been added it will show their status as Active on the group. This confirms that the user belongs to the group

Add to other local partner groups (if necessary)
If you receive a request to add a person to Partner Directors and/or other groups that belongs to AFS International (not local Partner email groups), please submit a support ticket in IT Service Site to us here
because your access in the AFS Directory will only allow you to add a person to a local partner group