2. Add affiliation and access right to access AFS Global

2.1 Add Affiliation
- staff associate with partner level organization (see information for entire partners)
- volunteer may associate with smaller organization (see only information for that organization)

Chapter or
Area Team or

2.2 Go to tab Affiliation from the person record and click Add Affiliation 

2.3 Click on Select Affiliation

2.4 Then choose person type (Staff, Volunteer) as necessary.  For example below, I choose as MBSA Administratiom Team and click OK

Note:  You can define your own affiliation names and set their access rights or you can also use the following pre-defined affiliation names:
    - Staff                                               (having full access right to All Modules)
    - Program Staff                            (having full access right to Program Module)
    - Finance Staff                              (having full access right to Finance Module)
    - Global Link Staff                        (having full access right to Global Link Module)
    - System Administrators          (having full access right to Administration Module --i.e. super users)

2.5 Click on Select/Add Organization

2.6 Assign necessary affiliation for that staff or volunteer.  Select Organization Type or search as necessary.  When you found the right Organization, click the front column and click OK

2.7 The system will add the selected Organization and Affiliation.  Now, you may choose to enter Start Date and End Date as necessary.  The system will automatically grant or deny access for such Affiliation when End date arrives.  When you finished setting then Save

2.8 A new affiliation is assigned to that person.  

Note: Again, if you specify Start and End Date information, system will automatically assign or revoke necessary access rights upon that time period.  Say, Support or Monthly Contact staffs that are assigned during ‘Program period’ are allowed to enter information.  But after student has left your country, you might want to restrict access for further inputs.