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Setting Up Email Forward

Google Mail Forwarding Instruction

1. Login to Google Apps access portal via  website.

Note: If necessary, please ask your office IT Coordinator about user name for access.

2. Access Settings icon on top right, the Gear Icon.  Then, select  Settings.*
3.  Switch to tab  Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  

Then,  Click at  Add a forwarding address  button.
4. Enter your email address for forwarding.  This should be your email address account in the new email system.

Then, click Next  when complete.
5.  Google will ask you to confirm the correct email forwarding address.  

Please click  Proceed  .
6.  Google will send an email to your new mailbox with Confirmation Code where you have to click to confirm your identity.  

Please click
OK to complete this first part.
7.   Now, switch to your new email system.  

Logon with your necessary login / password.   You should find an email from Team as shown aside.  

Please open the email.
8.  The email content will be similar to the one shown aside here.  You will see the long URL as shown in the middle of the screen.  

Please click on URL.

Note: If the URL is not operational for any reason, your manual confirmation code is shown in blue highlighted text.
9.  Your email will now forward to new email account as requested.  Please proceed to the next step for configuring the forwarding option.*
10.  Please configure your Forwarding Option are as followed:

  1. Keep Mail’s copy in the Inbox (as unread)
  2. Mark Mail’s copy as read (as read)
  3. Archive Mail’s copy (hide from Inbox), and
  4. delete Mail’s copy (delete)
11.  Once you make necessary change, please scroll down to the bottom of the Settings  page and click on  Save Changes.

The process completes here.