Google Apps in AFS

So what about Google Apps in AFS? Which version do we use, how many user accounts do we have and what work has the IT Team done to integrate Google Apps into other AFS tools?

Different Versions

There are many different versions of Google Apps available, such as Standard, Educational, Non-Profit and Government.

In AFS we could have taken the Non-Profit version as we are a charitable organization. However, AFS International is a registered educational organization and this opened our horizons to the Educational edition, which we chose due to its more advanced feature set.

User Accounts

There is no theoretical limit to the number of user accounts that Google Apps can hold. Instead we request them from  Google and they recently expanded our quota 29,000, with the potential to expand this number again with the agreement of Google. This means that AFS now has the basic tools to open access to board member and volunteers around the world, giving them their very own email address and access to all of the tools contained within the suit.

Administration and AFS Global

The IT Team has worked hard to tie the administration of Google Apps into AFS Global, simplifying the account creation and deletion process and giving staff a single point through which to monitor account statistics.

These include the Google Apps Administration tab in the Person Record:

Or the User Statistics section in the Administration area of Global Link, which allows staff to monitor active accounts on mass as well as the usage levels of those accounts: