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What is Google Apps?

Google describes their Apps product as an online environment which is comprised of customizable web applications that enable users to work together and learn more effectively. Put a different way, Google Apps brings together the key tools which are commonly found in business and educational environments to help promote communication and collaboration between users. Google Apps does this by allowing users to create content in these tools and share it with other stakeholder, whether they are staff, volunteers, participants or alumni, allowing them to contribute to documents, calendars, websites and other tools in real time. These tools give great power to AFS, allowing us to work more effectively across stakeholder groups and geographical distances.

Take a look at this quick tour from Google to get a better idea: 


Google tools are generally very intuitive to use and Google Apps is no different with it being made up of interconnected tools (Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Talk and a Start Page) which all maintain a common user friendly theme. However, despite there being this simplicity to the system, there is also a deep well of advanced features contained within each of the individual tools which provide power to users.

Take a look at this video to see a little of what is possible using Google Apps in a business environment: