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Online Training Materials

Google provides many different resources to help users make the most of the tools it provides. This page will point you in the direction of a few of these resources but it is by no means the sum total of Google Apps knowledge which is available on line.

Google Apps Youtube Channel

Google Apps has its very own channel on Youtube with more than 230 videos covering everything from testimonials from businesses, to product overviews and tours and training videos. This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about Google Apps and you can access it by clicking here or following the link below. Alternatively you can always navigate to Youtube and do a channel search for "Google Apps".


Online web presentations 

Google also provides online presentations which are essentially animated powerpoint presentations with audio. These are very useful as they walk users step by step through different aspects of the interface, key features and the role of the tools. These presentations also contain interesting quizzes to test what you have learnt.

Google provides four of these presentation. The first is an overview of Google Apps with a brief look at the individual tools and this is followed by three others which look in more detail at Mail, Calendar and Docs.


Become a GMail Ninja!

This is a guide to Google Mail which will allow you to become the master of your inbox! It does this by highlighting interesting tips and time saving techniques. Click here to find the page or use the URL below.

There is also an excellent printable version of this in the Documentation and References section!