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Core Features for AFS

In AFS, like all businesses, there are some core features for email and calendars which are vital. To help users adjust as quickly as possible when migrating, this page explains a few of this features and how they work.

Changing your name to contain your location

Because AFS is an International network of Partners, it is important that when emailing someone that they can quickly see which country you are in. To do this:

Click on 'Settings' in the top right corner of you account and once the page open navigate to the accounts tab. You should now see your email address (you may see more than one).

On the right of each address that you see click on 'edit info'

Then in the box which appears select the second radio button and type in your name followed by your IOC code.

Note: please add your IOC code after your name and not before it.

The save the changes.

Enabling out of office messages

With many AFS staff traveling a lot of the time, out of office responses are very important. To activate your out of office auto response, navigate to the settings of you Google Mail account which you can find in the top right corner:

Then scroll down the "General" tab of your settings until you reach the "Out of Office AutoReply" section where you can activate your out of office emails as well as tailoring the content and dates:

Enabling Email Signature:

Common feature for Email communication is ability to create email signature.  This can be found also at General tab of your Settings.

Meeting Invitations:

Another key feature needed in AFS is the ability to schedule meetings with staff members and volunteers across different time zones. To learn how to create events take a look at this short video:

As for time zones, Google automatically syncs meeting requests to the recipients local time that they have set in their calendar settings.