Google Announcements

Dear all AFS Google Apps users,

Over the coming days Google Apps users may receive an email notifying them about an upgrade to their service infrastructure. These changes cover an expansion of the Google Apps ecosystem which now opens it to more than the Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites and Videos which users have had access to in the past.  According to the announcements from Google, users can now also access other Google services such as Youtube (Video sharing), Picasa (Photo sharing) and other affiliated data, using your account which has been registered.

If you are not using Google Apps, please disregard this announcements and email (if any).

If you are Google Apps Users, what does this mean to you

Google regularly updates its infrastructure to expand the scope of its service and as mentioned users will receive updates of these changes individually over the coming days if you have not already. However, this email mentioned that users can now sign into their Google Apps account through the Google Mail home page. This is correct but users will also still be able to access their accounts through AFS Global or by navigating to

Added to this, users of AFS Google Apps will need to agree to a Privacy Notice. However your Google Apps account is still safely secured and all user information is stored and managed through the use of our internal system - AFS Global - to ensure that the data ownership remains at the organization level.

If necessary, consult with your local IT person, or ITBC in your area or please feel free to submit a support case via  for more information.