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Authorware Learning Guide

AFS IT Team has implemented E-Learning courses over the years.   Due to the fact that Authorware is discontinued by the company created, there are no further developments to the program, their development ceased since Windows XP era.  Due to this, the older E-Learning modules that were originally created earlier only works in Microsoft Windows environment.   

Please follow steps below if you need to view Authorware in newer Windows version.  If you need to run Authorware player in Windows Vista or Windows 7, please follow steps below.

Internet Explorer 32-bit version only 
 1. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Make sure you only start the 32-bit version if you are currently using 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows Vista environment.
Internet - Options

 2.  Click at Settings and then select  Internet Options.
Security Settings

 3. Switch to Security tab  (1)
 4. Select Trusted Sites  (2)
 5. Select Default Level  which will be  Medium.  (3)
 6. Select Sites  (4)
trusted sites

 7.  Make sure you deselect the option  

Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.

 8. Type  http://*  (1)   and click Add  (2).
  9.  Repeat the same step, but this time, use  https://*  (1) and then click Add  (2).  

 10. Click at Close  (3)
  11.  When opening an Authorware course the first time, you will be seeing this error message.  

 12.  Click at  Security Options.
 13. You may either click  Trust All Locations    

 14. Or specify the sites name as

 15. Then, click at Add Location (on each of them) and click Save settings.

  DONE.  When you refresh the page again, the Authorware course should now displayed.